(Birth Name: John Christopher Francis George) The film's main protagonist. Forever yearning for adventure, Rango has learned to play many roles, while having trouble finding his own true self. But when trouble comes, this chameleon has a way of surprising everyone with his audacity, including himself.

Early Life and Childhood

Rango was born in San Juan National forest in Durango, Mexico. The second son of Jack and Lily-Rose,who allready had a son named Dally, His godfather is Theodore Grank. He earned the nickname "Rango" after his birthplace. The family moved to the Missipi River, where his sister Missy was born. Rango was a very sickly child and had many disabilties, Such as knock knees, where he was forced to wear wooden splints, He was left handed but forced to use his right, and he had a throat ulcer, which his neck would latter get plastic sugerey. Jack would allways tell stories and legends to his offspring and act it out, Rango was the most amused by these stories that grew his passion to make up stories and act like in theater, he was also abused and bullied by other reptiles. The family then headed over to Tehachapi, Rosamond to live with thier friends. 3 year-old Rango wanderd through thenew land and ended up getting smuggled out of the desert by pet store employes, along with other desert wildlife and taken to the Kern Contry animal shelter