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Rattlesnake JakeEdit

The film's secondary antagonist. A gunslinger in the classic mould, Jake is a notorious killer-for-hire that is only brought in when someone has to leave this earthly realm for good. Jake has a story so hard to believe, words haven't been invented yet to describe it.

He humilates Rango by telling him to tell his friends all his stories are not true and he tells him that if he sees him in town again he's going to drag him straight down.

It is revealed he is working for the mayor, but then he drags him to his death after the mayor attempted to kill him.

Jake is shown to be quite skilled in battles and unmerciful to his victims.

He is scared of hawks and tries to attack the flying bats.

It is unknown what happens to him later.


"Make your move!"

-Line used to threathen Rango

"What was that you said "Pretty soon no one will believe you even existed?"

-Copying the words the mayor used to threathen him